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While working at The Forsyth Dental Center in Boston I always admired the professional and sincere attitude of the staff. After I retired I was looking for a dental group with such attributes. After a few unsuccessful trials, I decided to try a new dental office – Dentastic in Atlantic Blvd. The personnel was pleasant and eager to work and professionally astute. The bill was affordable. I recommend and would share my observations gladly with anyone.

-Vera C

Great job. Thank you for all your help


This is by far, the best dental office I’ve been to in 40 years. I was traumatized as a child by a dentist. I was in need of extreme dental work and had gone to several other dentists, to see how much it was going to cost and see if I liked the dentist. I was not happy with the previous two dentists because of their prices and bedside manner.

I found Dentastic while browsing the internet for dentist websites. Dr Collazo’s website was so informative I decided to make an appointment. Well, to my amazement the office staff and Dr. Collazo were so nice and informative about the procedures I would require and made me feel so comfortable that I was completely overwhelmed! Dr. Collazo and her staff had been very positive in their attitude and approach and didn’t make me feel ashamed about bad my teeth (as some other dentists had).

Whilst at Dentastic, I noticed that apart from myself, the staff ensured the comfort of other patients, as well.

At my next appointment, I had several teeth extracted. To my amazement, at 7:30 p.m. I received a phone call from the dentist’s office enquiring about my well being. Unfortunately, I was asleep and could not attend to the phone. However they phoned me twice the following day just to see as to how I was doing. I was amazed that a dental office and its staff could be so concerned about the well being of their patients. I am very happy that I chose Dr Collazo and her staff. I feel as if I am a part of their family.

-Rick Elser

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